Be careful of job fraud

Here are some tips so that we can avoid fraud under the guise of job vacancy:

  • Save your money, do not pay for administration fees or anything else.
  • Ignore large companies that use free email addresses like @yahoo @gmail @hotmail @asia @mail and more. Email a reputable company usually use the suffix .co.id example: customer.care@maybank.com
  • Avoid sending personal data before you believe about the company.
  • Watch out for PO BOX addresses or post boxes. For users of postal mail, name, address and phone number and company box must be complete.
  • Ignore job advertisements that promise you jobs at government institutions or state-owned companies because this is a fraudulent tactic so you deposit money as a test or training fee.
  • Pay close attention to the description of the advertised ads. If you feel awkward, just ignore the job.
  • If you get a sms or an email call from a company, first search the company can be via the internet, ask friends or relatives or you can go directly to the location of the company to chat with local employees.
  • When you are forced to do an interview, observe the company's atmosphere. If the situation is suspicious, you have the right to strongly reject the interview agenda. Do not give any identity before you leave the office environment.
  • Beware of job advertisements that include excessive ad language in their ad description, such as "hunt for applying", "remember, limited positions", "placed according to domisli" or "unnecessary experience"
  • If you finally come to a company for an interview but at the front office are asked for the registration fee or the form money etc, immediately undo your intention to interview and leave the company.
  • Avoid also companies that require employees but ask for your original certificate as collateral.
  • If you get a job one day and have to sign a contract. Please, study the contents of the contract so that in the future there will be no misunderstanding that could hurt you.

    Remember and think twice before accepting jobs that look easy with big salaries like home-based businesses, MLMs, data entry or administration positions to avoid job fraud.


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